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ETHEL LINA WHITE (1876-1944)

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First published by Roy Glashan's Library, 2017
Version Date: 2017-03-06
Produced by Roy Glashan

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The Elephant Never Forgets
Collins Crime Club, London, 1937
The Eternal Journey
Ward Lock & Co., London, 1930
Fear Stalks the Village
Ward Lock & Co., London, 1932
Harper Brothers, New York, 1942
The First Time He Died
Collins, London, 1935
Her Heart in Her Throat
see "Midnight House"
The Lady Vanishes
see "The Wheel Spins"
The Man Who Loved Lions
Collins Crime Club, London, 1943
The Man Who Was Not There
see "The Man Who Loved Lions"
Midnight House
Collins Crime Club, London, 1942
Harper Brothers, New York, as "Her Heart in Her Throat," 1942
The Popular Library, New York, paperback, as "Her Heart in Her Throat," 1945
Collins White Circle paperback, as "Her Heart in Her Throat," 1947
Put Out the Light
Ward Lock & Co., London, 1931
Harper Brothers, New York, 1933
Penguin Books, New York, 1946
She Faded Into Air
Serialised in Detective Story Magazine, Aug, Sep, Oct 1941
Collins Crime Club, London, 1941
Some Must Watch
Ward Lock & Co., London, 1933
The Spiral Sraircase
see "Some Must Watch"
Step In The Dark
Collins Crime Club, London, 1938
They See In Darkness
Collins Crime Club, London, 1944
The Third Eye
Collins Crime Club, London, 1937
Twill Soon Be Dark
Ward Lock & Co., London, 1929
Collins, London, 1935
The Wheel Spins
Collins Crime Club, London, 1936
While She Sleeps
Collins Crime Club, London, 1940
The Wish-Bone
Ward Lock & Co., London, 1927


At Twilight
Pearson's Magazine, Jun 1930
The Novel Magazine, Jan 1935
Bait for the Beast
Detective Story Magazine, Feb 16 1924
Best Detective Magazine, May 1933
Breath on the Glass
Flynn's, Feb 14 1925
The Call of the Tiger
The Strand Magazine (UK), Sep 1907
The Strand Magazine (US), Oct 1907
(nv) 1941
Argosy (UK), Aug 1942
Crushed Poppies
Metropolitan Magazine, Jun 1921
The Day
The Cornhill Magazine, Aug 1916
Overland Monthly, Dec 1917
Argosy (UK), Nov 1942
The Devil Pays
The 20-Story Magazine, Aug 1924
Diana, the Huntress
The London Magazine, Sep 1910
The Fairy Pot
Illustrated, Oct 14 1939
The First Day
Britannia and Eve, Jul 1943
Flying Leave
Overland Monthly, Sep 1917
The London Magazine, Jan 1911
The Holiday
Britannia and Eve, Feb 1938
The Novel Magazine, Jun 1934
The Argosy (UK), Dec 1937
Maids of Honor
People's Home Journal, Dec 1925
"Men Don't Notice Clothes!"
The Novel Magazine, Jun 1931
Miss Loveapple's Luck
People's Home Journal, Jan 1929
The Ninth Life
The Red Magazine, Feb 1910<(dd>
The Pack
The 20-Story Magazine, Nov 1922
The Canadian Magazine, Sep 1927
The Quick and the Dead
Detective Story Magazine, Dec 26 1925
Best Detective Magazine, Jul 1933
The Windsor Magazine, Apr 1933
The Premier Magazine, Feb 1924
The Seven Years' Secret
The Grand Magazine, Nov 1921
She Faded Into Air (serial)
Detective Story Magazine, Aug, Sep, Oct 1941
Collins Crime Club, London, 1941
"Thumbs Down!"
The London Magazine, Dec 1910
Pearson's Magazine, Nov 1922
An Unlocked Window
The Novel Magazine, Apr 1934
Holland's, Nov 1925
Water Running Out
Crime Mysteries, Oct 28 1927


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