Roy Glashan's Library

Clubfoot Novels
1. The Man with the Clubfoot 1918 HTML EPUB
2. Island Gold (The Return of Clubfoot) 1922 HTML EPUB
3. Clubfoot the Avenger 1924 HTML EPUB
4. The Crouching Beast 1928 HTML EPUB
5. The Gold Comfit Box (The Mystery of the Gold Box) 1932 HTML EPUB
6. The Spider's Touch 1936 HTML EPUB
7. Courier to Marrakesh 1944 HTML EPUB
Clubfoot Stories
In the Shadow of Sinn Fein Mar 1932 HTML EPUB
Miss Parritt Disappears Nov 1931 HTML EPUB
The Riddle of Asta Jan 1932 HTML EPUB
Secret Service Series
1. The Secret Hand (Okewood of the Secret Service) 1919 HTML EPUB
2. Mannequin (The Mysterious Miss Morrisot) 1930 HTML EPUB
3. The Knife Behind the Curtain (collection) 1930 HTML EPUB
4. The Fox Prowls 1939 HTML EPUB
The Inspector Manderton Series
1. The Yellow Streak 1922 HTML EPUB
2. The Orange Divan 1923 HTML EPUB
3. The Eye in Attendance 1927 HTML EPUB
The Trevor Dene Series
1. Death Answers the Bell 1931 HTML EPUB
2. The Clock Ticks On 1933 HTML EPUB
3. Masks Off at Midnight 1933 HTML EPUB
4. The Clue of the Rising Moon 1935 HTML EPUB
H.B. Treadgold Novels and Collections
1. Dead Man Manor (Footsteps at Night) 1936 HTML EPUB
2. Mr. Treadgold Cuts In (The Curiosity of Mr. Treadgold) 1937 HTML EPUB
3. Skeleton Out of the Cupboard 1946 HTML EPUB
H.B. Treadgold Stories
1. The Red-Bearded Killer (magazine version) Nov 1936 HTML EPUB
2. The Singing Kettle (magazine version) Dec 1936 HTML EPUB
3. The Blue Ushabti (magazine version) Jan 1937 HTML EPUB
4. The Dot-and-Carry Case (magazine version) Feb 1937 HTML EPUB
5. The Black "F" (magazine version) Mar 1937 HTML EPUB
6. The Strange Disappearance of Miss Marless Apr 1937 HTML EPUB
7. The Man with Two Left Feet May 1937 HTML EPUB
8. Donna Laura's Diamond (magazine version) Jul 1937 HTML EPUB
Other Books (Alphabetical Listing)
Double Death 1939 HTML EPUB
Fog (with Dorothy Rice Sims) 1933 HTML EPUB
The Key Man (The Pigeon House) 1926 HTML EPUB
Mr. Ramosi 1926 HTML EPUB
The Pigeon House (The Key Man) 1926 HTML EPUB
The Portcullis Room 1933 HTML EPUB
The Red Mass 1925 HTML EPUB
The Scoop 1983 HTML EPUB
The Three of Clubs 1924 HTML EPUB
Other Stories (Alphabetical Listing)
Blind Guess Dec 1932 HTML EPUB
Circumstantial Evidence Dec 1924 HTML EPUB
Moon Maiden Dec 1931 HTML EPUB