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The British author Thomas Charles Bridges, who wrote as "T.C. Bridges," "Tom Bridges" and "Christopher Beck," "Martin Shaw" and "John N. Stanton,"[*] was born in Bagnères de Bigorre, France, on 22 August 1868. The son of a clergyman, he was educated at Marlborough College in Wiltshire, England.

[* Bridges' use of the pseudonyms "Martin Shaw" and "John N. Stanton" is documented in Chris Gosnell's genealogy of the Bridges family. T.J. Carter's Dictionary of Literary Pseudonyms in the English Language (Maxwell Publishing Ltd., London, 1995) tells us that the pseudonym "Martin Shaw" was used for stories published in the magazine Boy's Realm. According to The Fiction Mags Index, the same pseudonym was used by the British writer Ed Martin (1874-1944). This suggests that it may have been a "house name" used by the publisher of Boy's Realm and other periodicals for young readers, Harmsworth; Amalgamated Press, London.]

In 1886 Bridges went to Florida to work on an orange plantation. After eight financially unprofitable years he returned to England in 1894, almost penniless, and decided to try his hand at writing.

His first two articles on fishing in Florida appeared in The Field. The earliest work documented in the course of research for this bibliography was an article titled "Kill or Cure" that appeared in The Penny Pictorial Magazine on 15 July 1899.

Bridges wrote free-lance contributions for many periodicals, eventually joining the staff of Answers, a weekly published by the Amalgamated Press, London, as a sub-editor. He worked for this magazine for some four years, at the end of which he resigned to concentrate on free-lance writing.

Bridges' works were often syndicated for publication in other countries, notably in Australia. Several of his stories and serials are available in the digital newspaper archive of the National Library of Australia.

In the early 1900's, Bridges and his wife (whom he married in 1899) went to live in Dartmoor, Cornwall, only two miles from the notorious prison at Princeton. Many of the stories that he wrote there featured prisons and their inmates, one example being the Sexton Blake thriller Ten Years' Penal Servitude (1911).

Bridges, whose hobbies included fishing, golf and gardening, published his autobiography From Florida to Fleet Street in 1928.

He spent his last years in Torquay, Devonshire, where, after a long and successful writing career, he died on 26 May 1944.

Bridges, a prolific writer, sold articles and stories (the latter mostly for a juvenile readership) to numerous British newspapers and magazines. He penned his first boys' story in 1902, and Gilbert Floyd, the editor of Boys Realm, commissioned him to write a serial for that paper. The result was Paddy Leary's Schooldays, a story about the adventures of an Australian boy at an English public school. It's popularity inspired him to write two long sequels and several short stories about the same characters.

Among other things, Bridges wrote Sexton Blake stories for The Union Jack (Amalgamated Press, London) and contributed to the Boys' Own Paper, The Scout, and The Children's Newspaper until the late 1930's. Several of the books in his huge opus were published posthumously.

A number of his works are "lost civilisation" novels.

In Martin Crusoe: A Boy's Adventure on Wizard Island (1920) he describes a land populated by descendants of the survivors of Atlantis

Men of the Mist (1922) is a lost race tale set in a region of Alaska where prehistoric creatures have survived.

The People of the Chasm (1923), which Bridges wrote as Christopher Beck, features monstrous insects, giant apes and Norsemen living in a a temperate zone near the North Pole.

The City of No Escape (1925) is set in a lost world inhabited by robot-like beings.

In the vintage science fiction novel The Death Star (1940), which he dedicated "To Jules Verne, first of science fiction writers," Bridges describes an Earth largely devastated and depopulated by a terrible disturbance in the solar system. The story relates the adventures of seven men adrift in a marvellous airship of the future. There is a battle to death between two scientists, one seeking to build up a new and better world on the ruins of the old, the other a fiend fighting to set up a system which would destroy finally what life was left on Earth.

The sources consulted in the compilation of the present bibliography include:

The following abbreviations are used in this bilbiography: ar = article; coll = collection; nv = novelette; sl = serial; ss = short story.

— Roy Glashan, 22 April 2018



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See "The Vamp"
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Fortunes in Waiting for the Ingenious (ar)
The Grand Magazine, May 1906
Frozen Treasure! (true story)
The Modern Boy, Jan 27 1934
Further Heroes of Modern Adventure (with Hubert Hessell Tiltman)
George G. Harrap & Co., London, 1936
The Game Thief (ar)
The Detective Magazine, Dec 7 1923
The Games of Animals (ar)
The Strand Magazine (UK), Aug 1906
The Strand Magazine (US), Sep 1906
Ghosts of the Sea (ar)
The Strand Magazine (UK), Jan 1908
The Strand Magazine (US), Feb 1908
Great Canals
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Hairbreadth Escapes (ar)
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The Strand Magazine (US), Nov 1907
Heroes of Everyday Adventure (with Hubert Hessell Tiltman)
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Heroes of Modern Adventure
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Holidays Again! (ar)
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Holiday Waste (ar)
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Inventions We Owe to Savages (ar)
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Kill or Cure (ar)
The Penny Pictorial Magazine, Jul 15 1899
Kings of Commerce (with Hubert Hessell Tiltman)
Stories of twenty-five famous British and American business- men. Includes: Lord Ashfield, Edward Bok, Charles Cochran, Sir Arthur Duckham, George Eastman, Henry Ford, A.W. Gamage, Sir. Robert A. Hadfield, Harmsworth brothers (Lord Northcliffe and Lord Rothermere), Sir Enoch Hill, Sir Hugo Hirst, Lord Inchcape, Sir Thomas Lipton, Sir Joseph Lyons, Sir Charles Macara, W.R. Morris, John D. Rockefeller, F. Henry Royce, Charles M. Schwab, Gordon Selfridge, Sir Joynton Smith, W.H. Smith and son, Angus Watson, F.W. Woolworth, and Sir Alfred Yarrow.
Th. Y. Crowell Co., New York, 1927
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Legal Conundrums (ar)
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The Life Story of a Squirrel
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Look Up Your Atlas
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Modern Smuggling. The Romance of It (ar)
Macmillan's, ??? 19??
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More Red Tape [Under the X-Rays] (ar)
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On Land and Sea at the Dardanelles
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Peril in Mid-Air (ar)
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The £.s.d. of Weather (ar)
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Raffles in Real Life (ar)
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Recent Heroes of Modern Adventure (with Hubert Hessel Tiltman)
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Record-Breaking Run Riot (ar)
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Romances and Mysteries of the Sea
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Secrets of St. Paul's (ar)
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The Silver King (ar)
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Smart Set Parasites (ar)
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Some Curiosities of Poaching (ar)
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Some Strange Predicaments (ar)
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Thieves as Humourists (ar)
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Tricks of Tradesmen [Under the X-Rays] (ar)
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Tunnel Thieves (ar)
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The Twelfth—and Before (ar)
Penny Pictorial, Aug 8 1908
Under the X-Rays Series
In his introduction to this series George Newnes, the publisher of The Grand Magazine, wrote: "In the X-Rays section an attempt will be made each month to throw a piercing light on some national abuse. In this number the method of taking and relying upon Police evidence is the subject selected." [Source: Bear Alley (]. The title of the first article in the series was "The Case of Mr. Adolf Beck." It was published without attribution. Thomas Charles Bridges' known contributions to the series are:
·Blackmail in Business, The Grand Magazine, Feb 1906, #13 in series
·The Blight of Red Tape in England, The Grand Magazine. Apr 1906, #15 in series
·Brigandage in the Sale Room, The Grand Magazine, Sep 1906, #20 in series
·More Red Tape, The Grand Magazine, Mar 1907, #25 in series
·Tricks of Tradesmen, The Grand Magazine, Apr 1907, #27 in series
Unsuspected Poisons (ar)
The Grand Magazine, Nov 1907
Wanted: Fish Farms! (ar)
Penny Pictorial, May 18 1918
Wardens of the Wild
George G. Harrap & Co., London, 1937
Dodd, Mead & Co, New York, 1938
When the World's Coal Gives Out! (ar)
Penny Pictorial, Nov 9 1918
With Beatty in Jutland
William Collins, London, 1930
With Beatty in the North Sea
William Collins, London, 1917
A World Wide Wanderer (with Hubert Hessell Tiltman) (ar)
Traveller's Pack, Jun 1934
The World's Greatest Zoo (ar)
The Boy's Own Paper, May 1938
The Young Folk's Book of Discovery
Little, Brown & Co., Boston, 1925
Zones of Silence (ar)
The Boy's Own Paper, Oct 1939



The Brigand of the Air
C.A. Pearson, London, 1920
The Crew of the Cat Boat (sl)
Boys' Life, Aug-Oct 1911 (3 parts)
The Crimson Aeroplane
C.A. Pearson, London, 1914
King of the Clouds! (sl)
Cheer Boys Cheer, Mar 22-Jul 19 1913 (18 parts)
The People of the Chasm
C.A. Pearson, London, 1923
The River Riders (sl)
The Scout, Dec 8 1923-Mar 8 1924 (14 parts)
F. Warne & Co., London & New York, 1925
The Secret of Smoking Swamp (sl)
Jack's Paper, Feb 20 1923; continued in The Scout
Sons of the Sea. A Story of the Sea-Scouts
C.A. Pearson, London, 1914
Strong-Hand Saxon: A Boy's Adventure With a Canadian Scout in the North-West
C.A. Pearson, London, 1910


The Battle for the Bridge (ss)
The Scout, May 10 1924
The Clue in the Cabin (ss)
The Children's Newspaper, Feb 24 1940
The Ganderhouse Ghost (ss)
Gloucester Journal, Jun 22 1940
The Giant's Hall (ss)
The Scout, Mar 22 1924
His Cousin's Keeper (ss)
Gloucester Journal, Mar 4 1939
His Journey Money (ss)
The Crusoe Mag., Mar 1925
[The] Honest Man of Cabreras (ss)
Gloucester Journal, Mar 8 1941
The Pirates and Patrols (coll?)
William Collins, London, 1918
The Pirates of the North (ss)
Chums, Jan 9 1915
The Six-Foot Seam (ss)
The Scout, Dec 1 1923
Slippery Safety (ss)
The Golden West, Nov 1927
Smoke Signal
The Children's Newspaper, October 7 and 14 1939
The Valley of Emeralds (ss)
The Crusoe Mag., Feb 1926
Turk Takes a Hand (ss)
The Children's Newspaper, Sep 16-30 1939
White Man's Magic (ss)
The Crusoe Mag., May 1925


Insurance Swindlers (ar)
The Grand Magazine, Dec 1907
Trifles and Tragedies (ar)
The Grand Magazine, Jan 1908


Along the River Road (story)
Flynn's Weekly, Nov 27, 1926
The Baron Who Murdered His Wife (true crime)
Real Detective Tales and Mystery Stories, Feb 1930
The Bedroom Murder (true crime)
Real Detective, Apr 1932
The Corpse in the Pine Woods (article)
Real Detective, Mar 1933
The Devil's Imp (story)
Flynn's Weekly, May 14, 1927
The Emerald Necklace (story)
Flynn's Weekly Detective Fiction, Nov 5, 1927
The Fatal Instinct (true crime)
Midnight Mystery Stories, Jan 6, 1923
A Fortune at Stake (story)
The Black Mask, May 1926
Legal Reminiscences of an Old Lawyer (column)
Clues, Jun #2, Jul #1, Jul #2, Aug #1, Aug #2 1930
Police Snapshots (column)
Real Detective Tales and Mystery Stories Apr/May, Sep 1927, Jan, Apr, Jun, Sep 1928, Jun, Sep 1930, Jan 1931



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