Roy Glashan's Library

The Bomba Series
written by John W. Duffield (1859-1946)
01. Bomba the Jungle Boy 1926 HTML EPUB
02. Bomba the Jungle Boy at the Moving Mountain 1926 HTML EPUB
03. Bomba the Jungle Boy at the Giant Cataract 1927 HTML EPUB
04. Bomba the Jungle Boy on Jaguar Island 1927 HTML EPUB
05. Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Abandoned City 1927 HTML EPUB
06. Bomba the Jungle Boy on Terror Trail 1928 HTML EPUB
07. Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Swamp of Death 1929 HTML EPUB
08. Bomba the Jungle Boy Among the Slaves 1929 HTML EPUB
09. Bomba the Jungle Boy on the Underground River 1930 HTML EPUB
10. Bomba the Jungle Boy and the Lost Explorers 1930 HTML EPUB
The Dave Dashaway Series
01. Dave Dashaway, the Young Aviator 1913 HTML EPUB
02. Dave Dashaway and His Hydroplane 1913 HTML EPUB
03. Dave Dashaway and His Giant Airship 1913 HTML EPUB
04. Dave Dashaway Around the World 1913 HTML EPUB
05. Dave Dashaway, Air Champion 1915 HTML EPUB
The Dave Fearless Series
01. Dave Fearless After a Sunken Treasure 1905 HTML EPUB
02. Dave Fearless on a Floating Island 1906 HTML EPUB
03. Dave Fearless and the Cave of Mystery 1918 HTML EPUB
04. Dave Fearless Among the Icebergs 1926 HTML EPUB
05. Dave Fearless Wrecked Among the Savages 1926 HTML EPUB
06. Dave Fearless and His Big Raft 1926 HTML EPUB
07. Dave Fearless on Volcano Island 1926 HTML EPUB
08. Dave Fearless Captured by Apes 1926 HTML EPUB
09. Dave Fearless and the Mutineers 1926 HTML EPUB
10. Dave Fearless Under the Ocean 1926 HTML EPUB
11. *Dave Fearless Near the South Pole* 1926 HTML EPUB
12. *Dave Fearless Caught by the Malay Pirates* 1926 HTML EPUB
13. *Dave Fearless in the Black Jungle* 1927 HTML EPUB
14. Dave Fearless on the Ship of Mystery 1927 HTML EPUB
15. *Dave Fearless on the Lost Brig* 1927 HTML EPUB
* Not in the public domain*
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The Great Marvel Series
01. Through the Air to the North Pole 1906 HTML EPUB
02. Under the Ocean to the South Pole 1907 HTML EPUB
03. Five Thousand Miles Underground 1908 HTML EPUB
04. Through Space to Mars 1910 HTML EPUB
05. Lost on the Moon 1911 HTML EPUB
06. On a Torn-Away World 1913 HTML EPUB
07. The City Beyond the Clouds 1925 HTML EPUB
08. By Air Express to Venus 1929 HTML EPUB
09. By Space Ship to Saturn 1935 HTML EPUB
Greyed-out titles to be added when available.
The Speedwell Boys Series
01. The Speedwell Boys on Motorcycles 1913 HTML EPUB
02. The Speedwell Boys and Their Racing Auto 1913 HTML EPUB
03. The Speedwell Boys and Their Power Launch 1913 HTML EPUB
04. The Speedwell Boys in a Submarine 1913 HTML EPUB
05. The Speedwell Boys and Their Ice-Racer 1913 HTML EPUB