Roy Glashan's Library
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The "Sun" Duology
1. Into The Sun Nov 1882 HTML EPUB
2. Plucked From The Burning Dec 1882 HTML EPUB
The "Ice" Duology
1. Ten Thousand Years In Ice Jan 1889 HTML EPUB
2. The World's Last Cataclysm Feb 1889 HTML EPUB
The Major Titus Trilogy
1. A Dip Into Space Aug 1881 HTML EPUB
2. A Peep At The Planets Sep 1881 HTML EPUB
3. Venus And The Comet Sep 1881 HTML EPUB
Other Short Fiction
A Baseball Mystery Sep 1887 HTML EPUB
A Family Skeleton July 1885 HTML EPUB
The Iguanodon's Egg Apr 1882 HTML EPUB
A Man Who Grew Young Again Feb 1887 HTML EPUB
A New Palingenesis Jul 1883 HTML EPUB
Professor Vehr's Electrical Experiment Jan 1885 HTML EPUB
A Question Of Reciprocity Nov 1891 HTML EPUB
The Silent Witness Jul 1899 HTML EPUB