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First published by Roy Glashan's Library, 2016
Version Date: 2017-12-24
Produced by Roy Glashan

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Abandoned (ss)
Short Stories, Dec 10 1946
Adventure's Abyssinian Expedition (series of articles)
Adventure, Jul 1, Sep 1, Oct 1 1927, Feb 15, Apr 15, May 1, May 15, 1928
At Long Range (short story)
Adventure, Apr 1944
The Attitude of Meditation (short story)
Adventure, Jan 1914
Badlands Trail (short story)
Adventure, Mar 1939
Bahama Bottom (short story)
Adventure, Jan 1939
Best Guide in Mexico (short story)
Short Stories, Mar 1950
Big Jim's Way (short story)
Adventure, Oct 1938
Black Drums Talking [a Kingi Bwana story] (novelette)
Adventure, May 1934
Black Panther (short story)
Adventure, May 1, 1935
A Blamed Amateur (short story)
Adventure, Jul 1914
Blood and Steel [a Kingi Bwana story] (novelette)
Adventure, Jun 1940;
Adventure, Apr 1951
Blood for the Hawk (short story)
Adventure, May 1952
Blood from the Blue (article)
Adventure, Apr 1945
The Bloody Road to Mandalay (true story)
Adventure, Jun 1945
Blow-Guns (article)
Adventure, Mar 10, 1924
The Brass Idol (short story)
Adventure, Oct 1913
Bugs Barton (short story)
Short Stories, Feb 25, 1945
Burma Pilot (short story)
Short Stories, Sep 10, 1945
The Case of the Sinister Shape [a Dr. Muncing story] (novelette)
Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror, Mar 1932
Magazine of Horror, Sep 1969
Consider the Camel (short story)
People's Favorite Magazine, Apr 25, 1919
Contraband (short story)
Adventure, Jul 1915
The Courage Medicine (short story)
Adventure, Jan 10, 1925
The Crawling Script (short story)
Adventure, Sep 30, 1923
The Creek of the Poisonous Mist (short story)
Adventure, Apr 23, 1926
The Crocodile Pool (short story)
Adventure, Oct 1939
The Curse of His Caste (short story)
All-Story Weekly, Aug 28, 1915
Death Penalty (novelette)
Adventure, Sep 1945
The Desi-Wallah (short story)
People's, Feb 1916
The Devil's Son (article)
Adventure, Aug 1955
The Disciple (short story)
Short Stories, Aug 1914
Diver's Chances (novelette)
Argosy, Dec 22, 1934
Dr. Muncing, Exorcist [a Dr. Muncing story] (novelette)
Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror, Sep 1931
Magazine of Horror, Win, 1965/66
A Drum for a Warrior (novelette)
Adventure, Jan 1938;
Adventure, Mar 1958
Durga the Unapproachable [a "Jehannum" Smith story] (short story)
Argosy and Railroad Man's Magazine, May 17, 1919
The Ebony Juju [a Kingi Bwana story] (short story)
Adventure, Jul 15, 1930
Everett; Commissionar of Justice (short story)
The Illustrated Sunday Magazine, date not ascertained
Greatest Short Stories, P.F. Collier & Sons, London,, 1915
Featuring Morton St. Clair (short story)
Adventure, Nov 1914
The Fish-Nets of Quoipa-Moiru (short story)
Adventure, Feb 29, 1924
The Flying Chance (short story)
Argosy, Dec 29, 1917
The Fool Americano (novelette)
Adventure, May 1937
Forty Dollars a Foot (short story)
Adventure, Sep 1915
Free to Run (short story)
Adventure, Jul 1938
The Getting of Boh Na-Ghee (short story)
Adventure, Nov 1913
The Ghost Tiger of Everest (short story)
Argosy, Jan 30, 1937
A Good Sword and a Good Horse (short story)
Adventure, mid-Jan 1921
The Great White Dayong (short story)
Adventure, mid-Jun 1919
The Hand of Saint Ury (short story)
Weird Tales, Jan 1951
He Shall Have Who Best Can Keep (novelette)
Adventure, Jan 10, 1926
Heart of the Hillman (short story)
Argosy, Aug 1915
The High Flier (novelette)
Argosy, Mar 27, 1920
His Just Recompense (short story)
People's, Dec 1916
The Honor of the Escadrille (short story)
Adventure, Sep #1, 1918
Honorable Ancestor (short story)
Short Stories, Dec 10, 1942;
Short Stories (UK), Feb 1950
I.D.B. (short story)
Short Stories, Feb 10, 1933:
Short Stories (UK) early-Sep 1933
The Inca's Ransom (novelette)
Adventure, Jul 10, 1924
The Ivory Killers [a Kingi Bwana story] (short story)
Adventure, Jun 1933
The Jade Hunters (short story)
????, ????
"Jehannum" Smith [a "Jehannum" Smith story] (short story)
Argosy, and Railroad Man's Magazine Apr 5, 1919
The Jest of the Jungle (short story)
Adventure, Aug 20, 1925
Job Across Jordan (short story)
Adventure, Jul 1946
Jungle Business (short story)
Adventure, Jun 10, 1925
Jungle Hate (short story)
Short Stories, Jan 1950
The Jungle Never Tells (short story)
Adventure, Oct 1, 1932
Jungle Raider (short story)
Short Stories, Nov 10, 1944
The King of the Black Water (short story)
Adventure, Aug 8, 1926
King's Sons (short story)
Adventure, Mar 1, 1933
Kite Dickinson—Non-Combatant (short story)
Adventure, Aug 1915
The Last of Free Africa (non-fiction)
• Century Company, New York,, 1928.
The Last of the Monopoles (short story)
People's, Apr 1917
The Leopard Trap (short story)
People's, Sep 1916
Lion Trouble (non-fiction)
The Blue Book Magazine, Jul 1936
Lion Trouble (novelette)
Adventure, Jan 1945;
Adventure(Canada), Jun 1945
The Lions That Stopped a Railroad (article)
Adventure, Mar 1938
Little Fox Trails (short story)
Short Stories, with Keith's House Plans Jun 1915
Little Red Devils (short story)
Short Stories, Jun 25, 1940;
Short Stories (UK), Oct 1941
The Lord of Elephants [a Neil MacNeil story] (short story)
People's, Aug 1916
The Lost End of Nowhere [a Kingi Bwana story] (novelette)
Adventure, Jan 15, 1931
MacNeil's Job [a Neil MacNeil story] (short story)
People's, Mar 1916
Mad Americano (short story)
Short Stories, May 1950;
Short Stories (UK) May 1953
The Mad Hakim (short story)
Adventure, Sep 1933
Mamu the Soothsayer (novelette)
Adventure, May 20, 1924
The Man from Home (short story)
Adventure, May 1915
A Man to Kill [a Kingi Bwana story] (short story)
Adventure, Nov 1938
The Man Who Didn't Care (short story)
The Popular Magazine, Feb 20, 1919
The Popular Magazine, Dec #1, 1929
A Man's Price (short story)
Short Stories, Jun 25, 1942;
Short Stories (UK) Oct 1948
Masterless Man (novelette)
Short Stories, Nov 1949
A Matter of Class (short story)
Argosy, Feb 16, 1918
Matto Grosso Fury (short story)
Jungle Stories, Vol. 4, No. 11,, 1950
McGrath's Job (short story)
Argosy, Aug 23, 1919
Missing in M'Bwemo (short story)
Short Stories, May 10, 1945
The Monkey God (short story)
All Around Magazine, Jul 1916
Mountain Promise (short story)
Adventure, Aug 1942
The Much Maligned Army Ant (article)
Adventure, Mar 30, 1924
The Mud Fort o'Tongsa (short story)
People's, Mar 1917
Naked Men of Naga [a "Jehannum" Smith story] (novelette)
Argosy, Apr 17, Apr 24, May 1, 1920
Nobody Kills Don Guzman (short story)
Adventure, Nov 1937;
Adventure, Feb 1962
The Oath by the Earth (short story)
Adventure, Oct 1915
An Officer and a Gentleman (short story)
Adventure, Oct #1, 1917
The Old Oil (novelette)
Adventure, Feb 1946
One Bottle with Ears (novelette)
Short Stories, Jan 25, 1940;
Short Stories (UK) Jul 1940
Out of the Jungle (short story)
Adventure, Mar 30, 1925
Pacifist (short story)
Street & Smith's Complete Stories, Dec 15, 1933
Pearly Depths (novelette)
Argosy, Nov 17, 1934
Picaroon (short story)
Short Stories, Aug 25, 1944;
Short Stories, Incorporating West (UK) Oct 1954
The Pied Piper of Nairobi (short story)
Adventure, Nov 1941
The Poison Devil (short story)
Adventure, Feb #1, 1919
Potent Paint (short story)
Adventure, Nov 1945
Quill Gold [a Kingi Bwana story] (short story)
Adventure, Feb 1, 1931
Raiders of Abyssinia [a Kingi Bwana story] (short story)
All Aces, Apr 1936
The Rajah's Royalty [a Neil MacNeil story] (short story)
People's, Jul 1916
The Rat of Cayenne (short story)
The Danger Trail, May 1928
Reptile Man (sl)
Argosy, Feb 11, Feb 18, 1933;
Argosy (Canada) Feb 25, 1933
Reward (short story)
Adventure, Jun 15, 1927
The Rope of Pedro Mendez (short story)
Adventure, Jan 10, 1924
The Safari of Danger (novelette)
Argosy, Feb 10, 1934
Safe and Sane (short story)
Adventure, Jun #1, 1918
Sanford Hale, Aviator (short story)
Munsey's Magazine, Oct 1918
The Scarecrow (short story)
Adventure, Nov 1915
Sense of Balance (short story)
Adventure, Aug #1, 1918
The Slave Runner [a Kingi Bwana story] (novelette)
Adventure, Apr 1, 1930
Slaves for Ethiopia [a Kingi Bwana story] (short story)
Adventure, Jul 1939;
Adventure, Jan 1951
The Society of Condors (short story)
Adventure, Apr 1, 1927
A Soldier Salutes the Uniform (novelette)
Adventure, Jun 1941
The Soul Winder [a Neil MacNeil story] (short story)
People's, Jun 1916
The Spoils of War (short story)
People's, Oct 1916
The Spring Running [a Neil MacNeil story] (short story)
People's, May 1916
A Stone in a Sling (short story)
Collier's Weekly, Jan 17,, 1942
Strangers of the Amulet [a Kingi Bwana story] (serial)
Adventure, Apr 15, May 1, 1933
Strong as Gorillas [a Kingi Bwana story] (short story)
Adventure, Apr 1940
Tact and Some Diplomacy [a "Jehannum" Smith story] (novelette)
Argosy, Dec 13, 1919
Tarred with the Trader Brush (short story)
Adventure, Feb 1941
The Tenderfoot of Nairobi (short story)
Adventure, Dec 1940
"That Blasted Discipline" (short story)
Adventure, Sep #1, 1917
Tiger's Orphan (short story)
Adventure, Dec 15, 1931
The Trail Smellers (short story)
Adventure, Dec 20, 1924
Unprofitable Ivory [a Kingi Bwana story] (novelette)
Adventure, Jun 15, 1931
The Unwilling Passenger (short story)
People's, Nov 1916
Wardens of the Big Game [a Kingi Bwana story] (novelette)
Adventure, Apr 15, 1935
The Weeping Buddha (short story)
People's, Feb 1917
When a Man Must (short story)
Short Stories, May 10, 1948
The White Man of Borneo (short story)
Adventure, Oct #1, 1918
White Waters and Black (non-fiction)
• Grosset & Dunlap, New York,, 1926
Willful Non-Cooperation (novelette)
Short Stories, Jul 10, 1945
The Witch Casting [a Kingi Bwana story] (short story)
Adventure, Nov 1, 1931
The Wood Devil Thing (short story)
People's, Jan 1916
Worshipers of Boondi [a "Jehannum" Smith story] (short story)
Argosy, Nov 8, 1919
Xipe the Skinless (novelette)
Adventure, May 1947
Zimwi Crater (novelette)
Argosy, Aug 11, 1934