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The Devil-Tree of El Dorado: A Romance of British Guiana
First UK edition: Hutchinson, London, 1896
First US edition: New Amsterdam Book Co., New York, 1897
A Queen of Atlantis
Serialised in The Argosy, Feb-Aug 1899
First book edition: Hutchinson, London, 1899
Reprinted by J.B. Lippincot, London, 1900
King of the Dead: A Weird Romance
First edition: John McQueen, London, 1903


Amigo Del Cristiano (ss)
The English Illustrated Magazine, Jan 1907
The Convict's Wife (ss)
See "A Woman's Love"
The Death-Cry in the Forest (ss)
The English Illustrated Magazine, Jun 1906
A Matrimonial Advertisement (ss)
The English Illustrated Magazine, Mar 1908
The Mystery at Milton-on-the-Moor (novelette)
The English Illustrated Magazine, Dec 1907
The Spell of the Bird (ss)
The English Illustrated Magazine, Oct 1899
The Spell of the Sword (ss)
Pearson's Magazine, Feb 1898
Magazine of Horror, Fall 1967
Phantom Regiments, Adams/Adams/Greenberg, Baen, 1990
A Studio Mystery
First editon: Jarrold, London, 1897
See also "The Mystery of an Artist's Model" by Fenton Ash
Strange Stories of the Hospitals
First edition: C.A. Pearson, London, 1898
The Third Figure (ss)
The Queen, 11 Nov 1899
12 Mystery Stories, Adrian, Oxford University Press, 1998
The Thug's Legacy (serial novel)
The English Illustrated Magazine, Apr, May 1910
A Woman's Love (ss)
The Novel Magazine, date not ascertained
The Aukland Star, New Zealand, 22 June 1901
The Daily News, Perth, Australia, Dec 20, 1907, as "The Convict's Wife"


The Black Opal: A Romance of Thrilling Adventure
Serialised in Big Budget, Apr 14-Jun 9, 1906
First book edition: John F. Shaw & Co, London 1914 (often wrongly listed with the date 1915)
The Broken Sword (short story)
The Star, New Zealand, Aug 1, 1910
(The) Cadets of the Dolphin (novel)
The Boy's Friend Library, 1st Series, #480, The Amalgamated Press, London, Oct 1919
First book edition: John F. Shaw & Co., London, 1925
Caught by a Comet (short story)
The Red Magazine, May 1910
Chums Annual 1941, 1940
Pulpdom, #20, Dec 1999
The Fighting Blood (novelette)
Pluck 18 Jul 1914; adapted from the film
Fighting Death! (novelette)
Pluck 8 Aug 1914; adapted from the movie
The Golden Alligator
The Union Jack Library, No. 60, Dec 3, 1904.
The Golden Skulls (ss)
The Captain, Jun 1919
In Polar Seas
Nelson Lee Library magazine, Oct 16, 1915- Feb 02, 1916
First book edition: Roy Glashan's Library, 2016
The Intercepted Message (novelette)
The Boys' Friend, #358, 18 Apr 1908
The Island of Gold
Serialised in The Nelson Lee Library, Jun 24 1916- Apr 21, 1917
First book edition: The Amalgamated Press, London, Boy's Friend Series, 1918
The Mystery of an Artist's Model
An expanded version of "A Studio Mystery" with the names of people and and places changed
Serialised under syndication in, e.g.,
The Linlithgowshire Gazette, West Lothian, Scotland, 1910 and in many Australian newspapers
First book edition: Roy Glashan's Library, 2018
On the Night Beat (npvelette)
The Boys' Friend, #517, 6 May 1911
The Pirates of the Swamp (ss)
The Captain, Apr 1919
The Radium Seekers, or The Wonderful Black Nugget
First published by Sir Isaac Pitman, London, 1905
A Son of the Stars
Young England. An Illustrated Magazine for Boys, Vol. 29, 1907-1908
Serialised in The Fantasy Collector, Dec 1988-Mar 1990
The Sunken Island; or, The Pirates of Atlantis
The Union Jack Library, Vol. 2, No. 30, 1904
The Treasure Seekers (ss)
Yes or No, 2 May 1908
A Trip to Mars (variant title: "A King of Mars")
Serialised as "A King of Mars" in The Sunday Circle, Jan 5-May 25, 1907
First book edition: W. & R. Chambers, London, 1909
The Whistling Bouy (novelette)
The Boys' Friend, #474, 9 July 1910


The Temple of Fire, or The Mysterious Island: A Romance of the South Seas
First published by Sir Isaac Pitman, London, 1905, with illustrations by Vincent Daniel
Abridged Boy's Friend Library edition printed under the name Fenton Ash by The Amalgamated Press, London, 1917