Roy Glashan's Library
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Novels and Novelettes
Beloved of Ishmael* 1936 HTML EPUB
The Demon Lover 1927 HTML EPUB
The Goat-Foot God 1936 HTML EPUB
Hunters of Humans* 1935 HTML EPUB
The Scarred Wrists* 1935 HTML EPUB
The Sea Priestess 1938 HTML EPUB
The Winged Bull 1935 HTML EPUB
The Yellow Shadow* 1942 HTML EPUB
* Published under the name "V.M. Steele"
The Doctor Taverner Series
01. Blood Lust May 1922 HTML EPUB
02. The Riddle of the Sign (The Return of the Ritual) Jun 1922 HTML EPUB
03. The Man Who Sought Jul 1922 HTML EPUB
04. The Soul That Would Not Be Born Aug 1922 HTML EPUB
05. The Scented Poppies Sep 1922 HTML EPUB
06. The Death Hound Oct 1922 HTML EPUB
07. A Daughter of Pan 1926 HTML EPUB
08. The Subletting of the Mansion 1926 HTML EPUB
09. Recalled 1926 HTML EPUB
10. The Sea Lure 1926 HTML EPUB
11. The Power House 1926 HTML EPUB
12. A Son of the Night 1926 HTML EPUB
Esoteric Works
Avalon of the Heart * 1934 HTML EPUB
The Cosmic Doctrine 1949 HTML EPUB
The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage 1924 HTML EPUB
The Machinery of Mind * 1922 HTML EPUB
The Mystical Qabalah 1935 HTML EPUB
The Problem of Purity * 1928 HTML EPUB
Practical Occultism in Daily Life 1935 HTML EPUB
The Psychology of the Servant Problem * 1925 HTML EPUB
Spiritualism in the Light of Occult Science 1931 HTML EPUB
Through the Gates of Death 1932 HTML EPUB
The Training and Work of an Initiate 1930 HTML EPUB
* Published under the name ""Violet M. Firth""
Works by Dion Fortune published after 1949 are still in copyight