Roy Glashan's Library
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Novels and Novelettes
The Woman with the Wolves Nov 1911 HTML EPUB
Short Fiction
The Captain Cormorant Series
01. Captain Cormorant Proposes Dec 1927 HTML EPUB
02. A Flutter in Wives Jan 1928 HTML EPUB
03. A Man of Ambition Feb 1928 HTML EPUB
04. The Cauldron of Gold Jan 1931 HTML EPUB
05. The Vulture of the Hills Feb 1931 HTML EPUB
06. Treasure in Jaloon Apr 1931 HTML EPUB
07. Captain Cormorant and the Mutador Nov 1938 HTML EPUB
The Hobart Honey Series
01. Back to Babylon Apr 1930 HTML EPUB
02. Say It With Clubs May 1930 HTML EPUB
03. The Pirate's Choice Jun 1930 HTML EPUB
04. Roughing It In Rome Jul 1930 HTML EPUB
05. Wild Work with William Aug 1930 HTML EPUB
06. The Private Assassin Sep 1930 HTML EPUB
07. The Fifth of November Oct 1930 HTML EPUB
08. The Misunderstanding with Louis XIV Nov 1930 HTML EPUB
09. The Escape of Mr. Honey Apr 1942 HTML EPUB
10. The King's Archer May 1942 HTML EPUB
11. A Parrot in Paradise Aug 1942 HTML EPUB
12. Friar Tuck Tells All Sep 1942 HTML EPUB
13. Mammoths Make Nice Pets Oct 1942 HTML EPUB
14. Mr. Honey Gets His Hun Feb 1943 HTML EPUB
15. Mr. Honey Takes a Flyer in Chivalry May 1943 HTML EPUB
16. The Room of the Last Chance Mar 1947 HTML EPUB
17. The Secret of Lo Fat Apr 1947 HTML EPUB
18. Honevitch the Bear-Snarer May 1947 HTML EPUB
19. Stowaway Aboard Noah's Ark Jun 1947 HTML EPUB
20. The Message on the Hearth Jul 1947 HTML EPUB
21. Return, O Captain! Aug 1947 HTML EPUB
The Prosper Fair Series
1. The Affair of Feosa Doza Feb 1920 HTML EPUB
2. The Pyramid of Lead Jun 1924 HTML EPUB
3. Down the Wander-Ways with Prosper Fair Feb 1926 HTML EPUB
4. A Man on a Milestone Mar 1926 HTML EPUB
5. The Man Who Was a Miser May 1926 HTML EPUB
06. The Hardaway-Lucas Case Sep 1926 HTML EPUB
The Smiler Bunn Series
01. The Mystery of the Glass Bullet 1931 HTML EPUB